Whether we perceive it or not, our physical world is a representation of a spiritual reality. In other words, it is the physical manifestation of a spiritual concept. The following is one example of this.

There is a drive within each of us to climb a mountain. If not an actual mountain, it is to the top of something. This is the God-given desire to overcome an obstacle.

As we climb, there are places along the way that are less difficult than others and sometimes it even plateaus. It may seem that we are no longer on the uphill journey at all. This gives us time to take a much needed breath, both mental and physical.

As we continue to climb there is a point somewhere in the journey where we long for a place that goes downhill. Sometimes we see a “Y” in the road and take what seems the easier way. This is where discouragement creeps in. This is a trick, however, because we have backtracked and now must regain the distance we lost and many times this trail is steeper. We may cry and complain along the path, but still our heart’s desire is to reach the top. Our soul calls out to us that this is not the time to give up.

Once we reach the summit, we enjoy the success for a period of time before we realize that there is a much bigger mountain up ahead. So goes our entire life!