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Let me help you get started

Many times we get stuck in our own thinking, not allowing our minds to grow and expand, fearful that it might somehow challenge our faith if we ask too many questions.

Learning should be exciting. When you allow yourself to think about the impossible or improbable and give yourself permission to question God and His creation, you elevate your thinking into the spiritual realm where you can interact with God on a whole new level!

Decide to take your thoughts to the next level

It makes God even bigger!


The following are websites that I have found helpful through the years. Although I may not agree with everything that is presented there, I have found something within that has answered a specific question or sent me in a different direction.

Don’t be afraid of views that conflict with your own. Use them as encouragement to study or even a challenge to dig deeper. I can sincerely promise you one thing – that you will learn something you never expected.


Through the years I have acquired many books, many with which I don’t necessarily agree but still use nonetheless. What I have found is that everyone has something to say and we can find treasures of knowledge in unexpected places!

Here are some books that you might find interesting.

Audio & Video

Listening to audio teachings are a great way to pass the time driving in traffic or long distances. Learning this way makes me feel productive when I have to spend any time traveling.

Video is another great way to learn. It helps you connect with the speaker and some find it easier to pay attention when they are more engaged. Be careful, however, because if you are like me and want to multi-task you might be better off resisting that urge.

Learn more about the books of the Bible