Elevate yourself so you can elevate others

Study begins with feeding your soul

Just thinking about reading the Bible leaves many people wondering where to begin. Friends or family offer suggestions like the New Testament, the Gospel of John, or even Matthew. Few will suggest the Old Testament, specifically the Torah (the first 5 books of the Hebrew Scriptures), which is what I believe is the fulcrum point.

If you are ready to lead an elevated life that will impact the world around you, leave your preconceived ideas behind, and get outside your “box”. I promise….you will never be the same!

First things first…

To better assist you in your journey ahead, you should first familiarize yourself with Scripture. Besides just locating different books of the Bible, you should also spend as much time in the Word as you can. Not only will this allow you to more easily comprehend the teaching, but also give you the ability to ask deeper questions and understand how the four levels of understanding might apply, etc.

Learn the books of the Bible

Most Believers are not able to locate any but a few of the books of the Bible. Everyone starts at zero knowledge but you can follow these easy steps to discover the tricks I used myself.

Weekly Scripture Readings

Every week there is a different section of Scripture to read. We will start by first reading the basics of God’s instructions located in the first five books of the Bible and from where all other teachings are based.

Lessons from Morah

Many of us have spent years attending religious services and are still left feeling like there should be something more. Others have turned to alternative experiences hoping to find that intangible “thing” that always seems to be missing.

Spend some time listening to easily understood, rarely discussed messages that will leave your heart excited about learning, your mind expanded, and your soul wanting more!